Join Us Virtually Monday-Friday

August 5th - August 9th at 8pm EST

Join Us Virtually Monday-Friday

August 5th - August 9th at 8pm EST

Join us to learn the step-by-step strategy my wife and I followed to build our portfolio of 100 doors and created an increased and steady return


When You Join The 5 Day Free Challenge You Will Learn...

  • The path to owning CoLiving homes without any hassle with HOAs or the government

  • How to identifying the perfect property in the perfect neighborhood

  • Learn the Secrets to attracting tenants easily

  • How to scale past 5+ homes to start building a portfolio that promises financial freedom

  • How to develop the mindset that will take you to success as a CoLiving investor and MORE!

We encourage you to join live, but replays will be available through the week if you miss a session.

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From The Desk of Sam Wegert

Charlotte, NC

Picture this...

A young dreamer, living in a small town of 2,000 people, laughed at for his audacious ambition. In a large family of 10, money was always a struggle. He craved wealth, financial freedom, a life unshackled from the daily grind.

That's me.

That was my reality.

This dreamer was fueled by Robert Kiyosaki's 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'. The lessons of investing in real estate, of putting money into assets that feed you instead of draining you, resonated deeply.

The path to prosperity became clear, although riddled with the failed attempts of my father. Yet, the possibility of retiring by 35 ignited a burning obsession in me.

You see, conventional methods of investing seemed too slow, too uncertain.

The typical 40 to 50-year investment grind was a far cry from the life I envisioned. I craved the freedom to relish life's simple pleasures - to spend quality time with family, to travel, to create experiences that mattered.

So, I took the first step. I bought a 3 bedroom condo in Charlottesville, Virginia and started renting out the rooms. Instead of the usual money drain associated with home ownership, I was making money from my living situation. I was hooked.

Moving to Charlotte, NC I took another bold leap.

With just 3% down, I bought a house and discovered the goldmine that is CoLiving. I rented out the rooms, turning a house that would normally yield $1,500 a month into a cash-generating machine pulling in close to $4,000.

This wasn't just a trickle of income - it was a river, and I was swimming in it.

The rental income from CoLiving was like nothing I'd ever seen. Other experts preach the gospel of $100/month per unit in cash flow, yet here I was, bringing in 10 to 20 times that from just a single property.

This wasn't just a game-changer - it was a life-changer.

With a mission to reach financial freedom, I doubled down on CoLiving. Every saved dollar was invested into new properties. I was infatuated with my housemates, relishing in the shared experiences, camaraderie, safety, and sense of community that CoLiving brings. And the dream was realized.

By 23, I was financially free, achieving my goal a decade ahead of schedule.

Today, with my wife Rachel, I continue to champion the benefits of CoLiving. We design, manage, and teach the CoLiving model, enriching lives with affordable housing and empowering investors with a fast track to financial freedom.

This isn't just a real estate strategy; it's a lifestyle revolution.

And now, I want to share this secret with you.

To help you take control of your financial destiny, I've designed a 5 Day challenge. This isn't just another course, it's a deep dive into the world of CoLiving investing. You'll discover how to implement this model, how to invest wisely, and how to fast-track your journey to financial freedom.

You don't have to settle for the conventional. You don't have to accept the slow drip of traditional real estate.

Embrace the revolution.

Embark on a journey that could change your life just as it did mine. Enroll in the 5 Day Challenge and step onto the superhighway to financial freedom.

Your future awaits.

What People Are Saying About The CoLiving Challenge:

Ready to discover the insider secrets of real estate investing with the CoLiving Method in the current economy?

Get ready to pave the way for a financially stable future for you and your loved ones!

Day 1 - CoLiving: The Proven Strategy To Financial Freedom

Discover the secrets to CoLiving real estate investing success. Learn the little-known techniques that will transform your investment plan and secure your financial future. This isn't your typical "flipping" or "wholesale" hack - these are the strategies that real estate experts use to build long-term wealth.

Day 2 - How To Make Every CoLiving Home Clean, Quiet & Safe So That People BEG to Stay in Your CoLiving Home

Learn all about Sam’s strategies backed by a decade of experience, this information is absolutely invaluable. Find out how to have people beg to stay in your 10 bedroom CoLiving home while getting the government to actually PAY you for renting your house this way.

Day 3 - How To Get Your First or Next CoLiving Deal Even If You Have No Money for a Downpayment

Change your mindset on money and learn how doing so can revolutionize your entire journey to financial freedom through CoLiving. Discover Sam's

3 ways to fund a downpayment and how you can do without the capital.

Day 4 - How To Ensure That You Never Lose Money on Any Real Estate Deal

Discuss what Financial Freedom through CoLiving means to you and learn Sam's steps for how to never lose money on any real estate deal. Find out how what will make your CoLiving property demand the highest rents and be a solid investment for years to come.

Day 5 - The #1 Thing That Will Hold You Back From Becoming Financially Free

Feeling overwhelmed about getting started and unsure how to scale your portfolio? Don't worry, our proven strategies will guide you towards achieving financial freedom by helping you acquire 10, 20, or even 30+ properties in the shortest time possible. With our expert guidance, you'll be on the fast-track to building your own profitable CoLiving real estate empire.

This CoLiving Real Estate

Challenge Is For You If...

  • You Are New to Real Estate Investing and are looking for the right education to get started investing in real estate profitably.

  • You Want To Scale Your Existing Portfolio and need guidance and direction.

  • Want to Convert Your Existing Portfolio To Shared Housing

Whether you are brand-new to the world of real estate investing or are looking to scale your portfolio, this is a challenge you do not want to miss.

You will be guided by a real-estate veteran over a course of 5 days to ensure you know exactly how to find the right properties and how to negotiate offers with confidence.

The CoLiving Real Estate Challenge is truly your one-stop solution to master the CoLiving Investing game. From finding properties to structuring leases to maintenance, mindset, and more.

More On What People Are Saying About Sam's Trainings...

Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the CoLiving Real Estate Challenge?

Monday August 5th - Friday August 9th from 8pm - 9pm EST (5pm - 6pm PST) daily.

How do I attend the Challenge?

Attend from the comfort of your home via Zoom. Once you register you will receive a unique link with this link so you can attend via your phone or computer (we recommend computer).

Will there be replays and what if I miss a day?

We encourage you to attend live as it's going to be interactive and that is the best way to get the full experience. However, you will have access to the replays through the private Facebook group if you miss something or want to go back and watch it again.

How does the CoLiving Real Estate Challenge work?

The Challenge is an intensive, five-day program (1 hour each day) designed to teach aspiring or experienced real estate investors the ins and outs of investing in CoLiving properties. Over the course of the challenge, participants will learn how to identify the ideal CoLiving properties, how to negotiate deals with sellers, how to finance their investments, and how to build and manage their portfolios.

Who is this for?

The CoLiving Real Estate Challenge is perfect for individuals who are interested in real estate investing but don't know where to start. It's also for those who want to learn more about investing in CoLiving properties specifically, and for those who already have some experience in real estate investing and want to grow their portfolio. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned investor, this challenge will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in the CoLiving real estate market.

Who is this NOT for?

This challenge is not suitable for individuals who are not interested in investing in real estate or who are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires a willingness to put in the time and effort to learn and implement the strategies taught during the challenge.

What if I have another question?

Just email us at and we'll answer your question.

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