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There Are Multiple Ways To Invest In Real Estate..

If You Pick The Wrong Strategy It Could Cost You Everything...

'The CoLiving Challenge' Will Walk You Through Step-By-Step How To

Start Investing In Real Estate With The CoLiving Method So you Can

Get Up to 2x, 3x, 4x On Your Return!

'The CoLiving Challenge' Will Walk You Through Step-By-Step How To Start Investing In Real Estate With The CoLiving Method

So you Can Get Up to 2x, 3x or even 4x On Your Return!

Learn How This is Possible For Aspiring Investors and Seasoned Investors With the CoLiving Method™

Lead By an Expert From The Trenches!

As Seen On:

150 CoLiving Doors Managed!

As Seen On:

150+ CoLiving Doors Managed!

It's Time To Step Up, Get Your Next or First Deal And Get Paid

All While Helping And Making A Difference in Your Community!

Join Us For 5 Days To Learn...

Day 1 - CoLiving: The Proven Strategy To Financial Freedom

Discover the secrets to CoLiving real estate investing success. Learn the little-known techniques that will transform your investment plan and secure your financial future. This isn't your typical "flipping" or "wholesale" hack - these are the strategies that real estate experts use to build long-term wealth.

Day 2 - How To Make Every CoLiving Home Clean, Quiet & Safe So That People BEG to Stay in Your CoLiving Home

Learn all about Sam’s strategies backed by a decade of experience, this information is absolutely invaluable. Find out how to have people beg to stay in your 10 bedroom CoLiving home while getting the government to actually PAY you for renting your house this way.

Day 3 - How To Get Your First or Next CoLiving Deal Even If You Have No Money

for a Downpayment

Change your mindset on money and learn how doing so can revolutionize your entire journey to financial freedom through CoLiving. Discover Sam's 3 ways to fund a downpayment and how you can do without the capital.

Day 4 - How To Ensure That You Never Lose Money on Any Real Estate Deal

Discuss what Financial Freedom through CoLiving means to you and learn Sam's steps for how to never lose money on any real estate deal. Find out how what will make your CoLiving property demand the highest rents and be a solid investment for years to come.

Day 5 - The #1 Thing That Will Hold You Back From Becoming Financially Free

Feeling overwhelmed about getting started and unsure how to scale your portfolio? Don't worry, our proven strategies will guide you towards achieving financial freedom by helping you acquire 10, 20, or even 30+ properties in the shortest time possible. With our expert guidance, you'll be on the fast-track to building your own profitable CoLiving real estate empire.

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'5 Day CoLiving Challenge'

  • FIVE jam-packed days of learning how to start investing in real estate with the CoLiving Method™. Lead by the go-to CoLiving investor (who was once exactly where you’re at right now!)

  • Access to our private community so you can network with other like minded investors!

  • The tools and knowledge that can help “leap-frog” your Real estate business and increase your profits!

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The Man Behind It All...Sam Wegert

There is nothing more assuring than knowing that you are under the guidance of someone who has succeeded using the same model that you will be taught. Throughout his martial arts career, Sam began to invest in real estate through short term rentals and CoLiving properties.

He partnered with his wife and now together they have 8+ short term rentals, and 150 CoLiving doors. Sam is passionate about sharing his knowledge with other like minded business owners and investors.

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